Buying an Engagement Ring

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  • Learn about the styles of engagement rings

    First, what type of metal will your partner love? There are generally three options for metal color--yellow gold, rose gold, and white gold. In many cases, a white gold band (or shank) can be interchanged with platinum for durability, preference, or allergy reasons. Some engagement rings incorporate more than one color metal for a more unique look. 

    Next, you'll have to pick a style of setting. We've included images of the various choices you'll have. 

    Lastly, you'll choose a diamond for the center stone of the ring. If you're purchasing a halo ring, you'll likely be limited to the desired shape and weight that the mounting accommodates. If there's no halo wrapping around the mounting for the center stone, you have much more flexibility when it comes to diamond cut and weight.

    Does your partner LOVE the unique diamond shapes such as the marquise or pear? Your jeweler will be able to help you choose and set any of those shaped diamonds into your ring. 

    When it comes to choosing an engagement ring, you're making an important decision that will be relevant for the rest of your life. Take into consideration all of the hints and suggestions you've received from your partner or otherwise uncovered from her friends and family. She's going to love what you choose.

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  • VIDEO: About Diamond Color

    Diamond color refers to the body color of the diamond, not the prism colors you see in its sparkle. Best seen when looking through the diamond from the back or side, it's generally a hint of yellow caused by nitrogen in the soil while the diamond was being formed.

    Color is important because it's something you can see with your naked eye. The scale starts at D and goes to Z. Beyond Z, the diamond is considered a fancy color and it starts to get more valuable again. The majority of engagement ring diamonds are between D and J. D, E, and F are considered colorless. G, H, I, and J are near colorless.

    The difference between D and J is obvious to the naked eye, but you can tell when comparing two diamonds.  To us, the sweet spot for color and value is somewhere between the two, but seeing them in person is the best way to decide.

    If quality is important to you, D, E, and F are great places to be on the scale. If size is really important and the budget doesn't allow for what she's dreaming of, then I, J, or even lower can become options. Yellow or rose gold can help to hide the color.

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