VIDEO: How to Buy an Engagement Ring

We want to make buying an engagement ring easy.  Learn some simple tips here. 

Congratulations on starting the engagement ring buying process!  The first step to buying an engagement ring is determining your fiance-to-be's preferences. What color gold does she like (or does she want platinum)?  Does she like round diamonds, ovals, cushions, or something different?  Does she want a classic ring, or something that's very popular right now?  If she has given you hints, lets use that information.  If she has not, we recommend checking out Pinterest or asking her family and friends for suggestions. Don't worry about getting her ring size if it will ruin the surprise, just be sure to ask if the ring you select can be sized (and if there is a cost associated with that sizing).

Next, you'll need to think about your budget and what is comfortable for you. Budget for the mounting and the diamond, but spend the majority on the diamond, as that is what will get passed down through generations.

Ask questions. Learn about the quality of the mounting and where it is made. One of our diamond specialists will help with any questions you may have about the diamond's cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. Remember that every diamond is different, so choose based on beauty and sparkle, rather than strictly following the 4Cs.