Nicole Taylor x Brent L. Miller

Brent L. Miller is honored to collaborate with Lancaster entrepreneur Nicole Taylor on a meaningful project we're calling:

Love, Rose.

"Love, Rose" is a way to honor the strength, generosity, and resiliency of women. 

"My life has been influenced by so many amazing women.  I wanted to design a piece that served as a reminder to women just how generous, strong, and resilient we are.  I've never had to look far for examples.  I've dedicated this collection in remembrance of my Aunt Rose who served as my inspiration for this collection, and is representative of so many other women I know."

-Nicole Taylor



The collection is available in sterling silver, 14 karat yellow gold, and 18 karat rose gold.  



Behind the Design

Concept and Design by Dyneisha Gross







The collection is made in Lancaster, PA by Brent L. Miller goldsmith Jackie Beauchamp


Thank you for exploring this collection with us. 

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