• Estate Jewelry Evaluation Appraisal
  • Estate Jewelry Evaluation Appraisal

Estate Jewelry Evaluation Appraisal

Brent L. Miller offers in house appraisals starting at $95.00.

Estate appraisals are required by the IRS to be appraised at Fair Market Value, which is the amount the item would likely sell for in its present (used) condition in it's most common market. Examples of a common market would be a sale from the estate section of a jeweler, a sale at public auction, or a sale between peers. This appraised value is usually a lower value than an insurance replacement value or the original sale price of the piece. 

We are happy to help you determine whether or not an appraisal is needed for your jewelry. Bring items in at any time to speak with a diamond expert who may provide an overview of your collection.

To inquire about appraisals or testing, please call the store at 717-569-5450 or stop in. You may need to make an appointment if you'd like to have several items tested or appraised.